22 – 27 october: History & Art Tour


From 22 to 27 of october 2018

 Oct, 22:  Visit Museum of Country life in Santu Lussurgiu  + 2 hours Italian conversation lesson
Oct, 23:  Visit to ancient Roman bath in Fordongianus + 2 hours Italian conversation lesson
 Oct, 24:  Visit Menhir museum in Laconi + 2 hours Italian conversation lesson
  Oct, 25:  Visit Giants of Monte Prama Museum + 2 hours Italian conversation lesson
  Oct, 26:  Visit to a beekeeping and honey tasting + 2 hours Italian conversation lesson

 Sept, 27:  Autumn in Barbagia – a day in Aritzo (NU)


Take a trip back to the past and tradition. Strong and expert hands, wise and passionate people will show you the artistic and historical heritage of an ancient land.

Join us on this incredible HISTORY&ART tour.

Here are all the details:

  • Start: on mondays
  • Duration: six days a week
  • Schedule*:
    • 10-12: Italian lesson
    • 16-18: language&culture experience
  • It includes:
      • 10 hours Italian lessons: you will quickly learn how to communicate with Italian people. A qualified Italian mother tongue teacher will help you in small group classes or one-to-one conversation.
      • 15 hours experiences: you will be guided through sardinian art, history and traditions by skilful craftsmen, passionate artists and expert guides**. And you will practice your Italian!
      • SLANG welcome kit
      • Transfer service during schedule activities
      • 24/7 assistance service
  • For learners: from absolute beginner to advanced level
  • Price: 390 €***

* According to weather conditions or overbooking reasons time-schedule may have little variations.
** According to the season we offer the best activity to make your experience unforgettable!
*** The more you stay, the less you pay! From the second week you book with SLANG, we can grant you a 10% discount on the total amount!