SLANG. Sardinia, senses & language is a premium, boutique-style language centre with dedicated and highly skilled teaching staff, who has over 10 years experience in italian as second language instruction.

Our students are people who wish to come into contact with our culture through the study of language and the discovery of this charming part of Sardinia. Every day we do our best to spread an authentic and sustainable tourism.
To achieve in doing that, we like to be surrounded by beautiful people who believe in this goal too. Thus, we’ve created a network of touristic, cultural and productive realities that collaborate with us in creating the offer by providing to our foreign students with tourism experiences that are a true expression of the identity of our land.

What we do
We offer Italian language and culture courses: the lessons are for Italian language learners of every age, nationality and linguistic level: from absolute beginner to advanced level.
Our teachers are Italian mother tongue and qualified in teaching Italian to foreigners (CEDILS Certification). Their method is based on a communicative approach.
The classes are just for small groups (2-6 people), to encourage a positive and productive atmosphere. One-to-one lessons are also available.
Students are not asked to buy any textbooks, when necessary teaching material will be provided by the school, although lessons are mainly focused on conversation. These have a strong connection with the afternoon cultural activity, where students will have the opportunity to improve their language skill training it in real-life situations and getting in touch with local people.

We don’t like mainstream touristic products. We prefer to build a service only after met every single reality and carefully tested and selected every activity we offer, always looking for the authenticity and experiential.

Why to choose SLANG
SLANG is a small school: this allow us to give an accurate service and guarantee a 100% tailor-made experience.
We’ve planned an offer starting from the effective binomio of language and culture, that help students a lot in their language learning process.
Since our network of collaborators was born from a careful research and selection of producers and guides, we feel strong in keeping the uniqueness and authenticity in the activities, with a add of high human value.
We do not want to represent the heritage of the whole Sardinia. We prefer to focus on a precise area – the Oristano province – whose purity allows us to offer authentic experiences inside the true identity of the place.
We do not rush, jumping from place to place. We prefer to live the activities leaving space for people to enjoy our culture, calmly, taking all the time to appreciate it.

And it is exactly because of this increasing slow-and-high quality tourism that SLANG was born. Because a small group of people believed in the dream of seeing their land appreciated and puts all its professionalism and dedication to gain this goal.
And we do it with passion!