Our network

We truly believe in the power of the network. Sharing skills and experiences, always bring amazing opportunities and resources for everyone. We put a worthy and passionate network together, who represents Sardinia cultural heritage.
We can rely on the professionalism of our network because we spent time with all of them, learned all their talent, love and dedication to what they do, we experienced every single activity you will live. That’s why you can trust them to live real emotions.
…and we are so thankful to call so many of these our friends.


Sergio and his team turn cereals into a great craft beer. Tasting it is the perfect way to spend some hours in a convivial atmosphere.





The smell of leather artworks you feel while visiting this workshop, let you celebrate the love this people reserves for the powerful beauty of the horse.



CORRIAS OLIVE OIL MILLYou can experience an harmonious blend of mediterranean flavor: when an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality meets seaside natural herbs. Taste Corrias’ love for our land.




ALEA Ricerca e ambienteExpert guides will introduce you to the pristine beauty of nature. Bring back home souvenirs of wind, scents and silence.




ARCHELAO FARMHOLIDAY HOUSEIn this peaceful place you can have a country experience among animals and nature. And learn how to make genuine food.




 VALENTINA PISU’S CERAMIC LAB: Valentina’s gentle touch turns clay into a ceramic poetry.



MAESTRODASCIA’S CREATIONSFederico uses magic to give the wood a second life. Come and listen a charming fairy tale…





ELVIO SULAS’ LAVENDER FIELDElvio’s natural herbs love will guide you through centuries to discover ancient Sardinia. And you couldn’t help falling in love with lavender parfum.





LAUNEDDAS DEL SINIS: If Sardinia had a voice, this would definitely be the sound of Stefano’s launeddas. You can’t help starting dancing ballu tundu.





APINATH BEE KEEPINGDon’t you know about the wonderful life of a bee? Well, ask Alberto! He will guide you in a charming trip inside a beehive and challenge you to guess all the different honey flavors.







SANTU LUSSURGIU’S DISTILLERY: In his authentic distillery, Carlo turns carefully selected natural herbs into incredible liquors. Here you can taste the best abbardente and myrtle liquor you will ever have.





MARCEDDÌ’S SEA MUSEUMMilo, Stefania and Maurizio are great storytellers of the past and tradition. They patiently collected the memories of this town and will introduce you to Marceddì fishermen’ real life.




SAN LORENZO HORSE STABLE: Riding a horse has never been this romantic. Expert guides will guide you on a horse to discover pure nature and amazing seaside places.





PINUCCIO SCIOLA HOME-MUSEUMPinuccio Sciola was an artist who carefully listened to the sound of the stones and decided to let their voice come out. This is a place of positive energy and good vibes.





FOUR ROOMS GUESTHOUSE: The smart and young team behind this lovely guest house offers a peaceful stay in the heart of the city. Rooms name and design are carefully chosen to represent the great heritage of Sardinia.




THE ART OF BASKET-WEAVINGWhat nowadays is just art, in the past has been an engenious way to use natural resources to solve everyday needs. Come to discover how wise women used to transform a versatile plant, the asphodel.







BOVALE WINERYMarcello accepted a challenge and chose to produce organic wine preserving the the viticultural heritage that made this place renoun among wine experts. Time paid back his efforts. Do not miss the visit to Cantina del Bovale.



LUKAS LOEWE’S SCULPTURE WORKSHOPThe colours of the trachyte inspires Lukas in the creation of artworks that recall Sardinian culture in its materials and forms. His workshop, surrounded by green, is the house of other small stone pocket houses.




The snorting of steeds and stomping of hooves, the clanging of harnesses and roll of drums, the excited chatter of the audience: it’s a show rife with unforgettable emotions. Sa Sartiglia is an equestrian joust whose roots are set deep in ancient pagan rites of fertility and prosperity. Live a timeless excitement.


THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF THE NURAGHE LOSAThe greatest expression of Sardinia archeological heritage is definitely the Nuraghe. We feel so blessed to have such a well-preserved example of the nuragic age, just around the corner. Join us, the visit will enchant you!




In the heart of Sardinia there’s one of the most important and well-preserved example of water temples of the island. Santa Cristina sacred well and the surrounding village will bring you back into the  charming and mysterious Nuragic era.




An ancient human settlement that hosted nuragic, phoenician, carthaginian, roman, byzantine until the famous Kingdom of Arborea. Tharros still stands looking at the sea, as a witness of the time.




MONT’E PRAMA GIANTSThe Guardian called them “inscrutable avatars of a lost civilisation”. Are they stone warriors guarded the necropolis? Did they belong to an as-yet undiscovered nearby temple? Come to visit the greatest archaeological discovery of the late 20th century in the Mediterranean sea.



ORISTANO CATHEDRAL: Dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the church is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Oristano. Here is the heart of the city religious life. Built in 1730, it was opened to worship in 1735 and consecrated in 1835, is the largest in Sardinia.