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We apologize for the inconvenience: we are working to improve your customization experience 🙂

Why is it important to customize your learning experience? Because if it’s customized according to your interests, skills and needs, learning Italian language will be easier and more fun!

Meantime, to plan your Italian learning experience contact us!
Write your preferences to one of the following contacts:

Here is how we will calculate the quote for your experience:

It’s very simple: you decide how many days you want to study Italian and the number of Italian classes to be attended, then select how many cultural experiences you want to do, and choose your favorite route among: Food & Wine, History & Art, Nature & Sport and 100% Sardinia.

How? Follow these 3 steps:

1. Choose how many hours of Italian lesson:

Service Course 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
Italian lessons Group € 18 € 34 € 50 € 65
Italian lessons Individual € 25 € 45 € 65 € 85

2. Choose how many cultural activities you wanna live during your stay:

Theme Price per daily cultural activity
Food & Wine € 38
History & Art € 38
Nature & Sport € 45
100% Sardinia € 45

3. Calculate your price, as follow:
(Price of lesson per day X Days of your stay) + (Numbers of Activities X Theme price)

An example:
Numbers of days of your stay: 5
Italian lessons per day: 2 hours = 34€/day (group lessons)
Numbers of cultural activities: 3
Theme price: 45€ (Nature&Sport)
TOTAL = (5*34) + (3*45) = 305 €

What are you waiting for? Start dreaming your Italian learning experience!

Simple, transparent, personalized.

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