EuroLingual School (Japan)

EuroLingual is a school of languages where you can learn: Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, Russian and other European languages. EuroLingual is located in Osaka, in a fashionable district called Chayamachi.

All language courses are held by bilingual or multilingual lecturers who are qualified and long-experienced mother-tongues teachers.

EuroLingual provides with private language lessons, small group lessons, special language courses, online lessons, exam preparation, in-company and business lesson, travel lesson, cooking lesson, singing lessons, various events, interpretation and translation services, company dispatch service, etc.

They offer terminology courses for all levels from A1 CEFR (beginner) to the highest level (C2), and the students get relaxed.Every course is designed to enhance language comprehension and to improve communication skills.

Experience the style of this school that combines tradition and innovation, and is able to respond to every request of the students, carefully select the latest news from the world and study together with friendly teachers. Different methods are used to keep motivation for learning high.