Everyone needs a break. A break from work, break from school, break from everyday routine and from all the people around! Even if we love our families, partners, friends and colleagues and we enjoy spending time with them, we all need some time shared just with ourselves, our thoughts and feelings.

One could say that solo travelling is just a 21st century travel hit created by a bunch of selfish Millennials who hasn’t been lucky enough to find their true love. So they decided to completely devote themselves to… themselves. We bet there are a few examples like this, but we doubt they’re the only ones and that travelling alone is just a temporary entertainment of young professionals who do not know what to do with their unused time. There is a reason why solo travel has become so popular and it’s not about fashion, it’s more about self-knowledge, overcoming our fears and finding the peace with ourselves.

The ‘them, you & us’ time is over

It does sound like an overplayed record, but this era is a real rush, it’s fast and particularly demanding. People have to reach the deadlines of the companies they work for, they regularly fulfil wishes of their partners, take care of their families, they need to reach the expectations of the society, they have to be successful, happy and interesting enough to fit into today’s world.


The system has been set this way for hundreds of years. We’ve always had to work for someone, we’ve never had the opportunity to live our lives, the life has been always about sacrifices, about what everything we can do for the system, employers and for our loved ones.

Now, when the world has changed and we’ve got more independent, we long for self-knowledge, we long for being ourselves. And that’s where we find ourselves packing our stuff and hitting the road alone, ready to see the world with our eyes, without any influence of others. There’s been ‘them, you & us time’ for a long time, now it’s ‘me time’ which has come to rule.

This is Why We Should Travel Alone

Travelling alone is one of the essential things we could do to not just take a break from the sometimes overwhelming world, but also to get to know ourselves better. How can you appreciate others when you can’t appreciate yourself? How can you understand your partner, your kids & family when you can’t understand yourself?

Spending some time on our own, seeing the places we want to see, exploring the things we’ve always wanted to explore without others telling us what to do or how to behave is one of the essentials to find inner peace. Solo travelling teaches us to be self-confident, teaches us to be independent and ready for any life situation.

Travelling alone improves our senses. For a moment there is no-one with another opinion, nobody speaking, nobody asking, nobody grabbing the attention. For a moment, there’s just us, with our eyes wide open, with our five senses completely soaked in the entity. Exploring the world on our own teaches us how to overcome fears, fears of the unknown, fears of loneliness, fears of who we really are.

Travelling solo gives us courage and guts to do anything we want. The last one but not the least, we start to miss people. The people we’ve run from and the people who we had enough. We realise how truly we love them and how much we love to spend the time with them. Our mission of self-knowledge and “me time” is completed and we get back home with a soul full of peace.



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