To the most of the people, Guilcer is an unknown word, and indeed it’s not well known, but it is a fascinating region that includes small towns and numerous archaeological sites, really close to the most popular west coast beaches.

Once in a life, you have to explore it. And if you asked me, I would definetely suggest you this route. Start your visit going to the ancient Roman Baths in Fordongianus, a town along the Tirso river, that also preserves the enchanting Aragonese House in the center town. Head then towards Paulilatino and discover, inside the Saint Cristina Sacred well, the great attraction Nuraghic people used to feel for Water worship.

Move now to Abbasanta where there is one of the best preserved trilobed nuraghe and be fascinated by the story of the village: Nuraghe Losa. Then visit the Museum of the famous philosopher and communist politician Antonio Gramsci in Ghilarza, and the closer Norbello to take a picture to its castle along the path to the Liune waterfalls. Finally, Sedilo, a charming authentic village that hosts the traditional Ardia every year, a wild horse race in honor of St. Constantine. From this town the view of Lake Omodeo is enchanting, especially if contemplated while having a tour on horseback.

And note that the renowned hospitality of Sardinian people, conviviality and authenticity of its cuisine, are here still well preserved, thanks to its location, so “out of the classic routes”. Enjoy!