Cultural&Language tours

Our goal is to guide you inside our culture and language. We will make you improve your Italian skills through fun activities, meaningfull meetings with local people and sensorial breathtaking experiences.

Every single activity has a special guide: your senses. You can experience what Sardinia really is by touching, smelling, watching, hearing and tasting.

You can choose the route you like the most: Food & wine tour, History & art tour , Nature & sport tour, and the perfect mix: 100% Sardinian tour.

Each tour includes:

    • 10 hours Italian lessons: you will quickly learn how to communicate with Italian people. A qualified Italian mother tongue teacher will help you in small group classes or one-to-one conversation.
    • 15 hours experiences: you will learn sardinian art, history, nature, food and traditions by skilful, passionate and expert guides. And you will practice your Italian!
    • SLANG welcome kit
    • Transfer service during schedule activities
    • 24/7 assistance service

For learners: from beginners to advanced level

The more you stay, the less you pay! From the second week you book with SLANG, we can grant you a 10% discount on the total amount!