One shot lesson: the Sartiglia

Timeless excitement: Sa Sartiglia.

The snorting of steeds and stomping of hooves, the clanging of harnesses and roll of drums, the excited chatter of the audience: it’s a show rife with unforgettable emotions. Sa Sartiglia is an equestrian joust whose roots are set deep in ancient pagan rites of fertility and prosperity.

The emblem of the city goes on stage during the Carnival days. Taking part of this crowded festival is absolutely worthy, as you can witness the amazing skills and the beauty of the horse-riders and the amazons performing in the “Corsa alla stella” and in the acrobatic ride of the Pariglie.

According to the meaning of Carnival, in these days the whole reality is upside down, and a human being could even be a God. That’s what happen to Su componidori, the chief of Sa Sartiglia, a sort of divinity, that spend hours on his horseback never to touch the ground, the only one entitled to give blessings and bring prosperity to the people.

Two different guilds of horse riders compete in this challenge to gain more stars and points. Overall, hundreds of people are involved: actors wearing traditional clothes in the historical re-enactment parade, drummers, trumpets, amazons, horse-riders, and of course… cheering audience. And then music, dances and good food.

A timeless ritual that can grant you to live always great emotions.

One-shot-tour includes:

    • 2 hours italian lessons: you will quickly learn how to communicate with italian people. A qualified italian mother tongue teacher will help you in small group classes or one-to-one conversation.
    • 4 hours experience: you will learn sardinian art, history, nature, food and traditions by skilful, passionate and expert guides. And you will practice your italian!
    • SLANG welcome kit
    • Transfer service during schedule activities
    • 24/7 assistance service

For learners: from absolute beginners to advanced.