San Giovanni in Sinis

Close your eyes and imagine. The scent of the Mediterranean wild nature. Shades of blue sea. An istmo that separates calm waters of the Dead Sea from rough open Sea. A natural beauty that preserves the ruins of Tharros, an ancient city that for centuries has lived thanks to the commercial and intercultural exchanges in the Mediterranean. A huge tower that recalls the ancient coastal communication system. A lighthouse that has been guiding sailors so far.

These could probably be the reasons why many people keep on prefering the beach of San Giovanni in Sinis among all those on the West coast.

S’Archittu beach is charming as well, in Sardinian language “small arch” takes its name from the famous rock arch forged by the force of the sea and the wind, that embraces the small beach .

Do not miss the quartz beach of Is Aruttas and Mari Ermi, sunrise still dyes it pink, and you can clearly see the legendary island of Malu Entu.

For those who prefer fine sand and enchanting colours, try to go to the beaches of Putzu Idu, S’arena Scoada, Sa Rocca Tunda and the rock slab of Sa Mesa Longa. Perfect locations for a horseback ride at sunset.