Food & Wine week

Come and see how skilful craftsmen bring high quality to our cuisine, and in the meantime you will quickly learn Italian.You can choose an intensive or standard course.Or if you…


History & Art week

Come and discover sardinian art, history and traditions guided by passionate artists and expert guides, while studying Italian. You can choose an intensive or standard course. Or if you want…


Nature & Sport week

Come and enjoy Sardinia nature, together with expert naturalistic guides. And in the meantime, you will quickly learn how to communicate with Italian people. You can choose an intensive or…


100% Sardinia week

Come and learn sardinian art, history, nature, food and traditions by skilful, passionate and expert guides, while studying Italian.You can choose an intensive or standard course.Or if you want our staff to guide you, we can plan for you a “Ready-to-live” week.Join us on this incredible 100% SARDINIA week.


Perché imparare l’italiano?

Molti la trovano una lingua complessa, ma chi inizia a studiarla semplicemente non può smettere di farlo! Infatti, l’italiano è la quarta lingua più studiata al mondo. Scopriamo insieme perché…


Study Italian in Italy

As we love to consider language and culture as one, we love teaching both inside the classroom – during communicative lesson with qualified mother tongue teachers – and outside the school, in real linguistic…